taylor swift’s eras in polaroids


: I will always remember today as the day I cooked dinner, rubbed my eyes, and then learned that jalapeños are NATURE’S PEPPER SPRAY”

taylor swift’s projects 2013

Begin Again (Country Music Awards 2012)

“I think that the idea of finding another person to share your life with is the most fascinating, beautiful quest you could ever be on in life. And yes, living your dreams is so important too, and a lot of times I’ve put that before everything else. But then you get to a place where the whole time you’re living these dreams, you look beside you to say to someone, “Hey, isn’t this so much fun?” And if there’s no one there to say it to, what’s the point?”  — Taylor Swift

I don’t think you should wait. I think you should speak now.

Remember me in ribbons and curls, love your baby girl.


But I keep cruising. Can’t stop, won’t stop moving. It’s like I got this music